Shadows on the Border: Border Magic Universe

Shadows on the Border: Border Magic Universe

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In 1920s London Lew and his lover Detective Alec Carter are working out the parameters of their new relationship. Lew is torn between staying in the past and trying to get back to 2016. Alec is wrestling with the idea of being in love with a magician. Meanwhile Alec’s sergeant, Will Grant, is drawn to the mysterious Fenn, a hunter from the Outlands.

Moving through the contrasting rich and poor areas of post-First World War London from West End hotels to the London docklands, the team need to work together to prevent more killings and choose what — and who — they may need to give up to find any kind of peace.

#2 in the Lost in Time series. gay and m/enby paranormal, historical, romantic suspense of 58,000 words set in 1920s London. Sequel to Lost in Time, which should be read first.


Author: A. L. Lester
Narrator: Callum Hale
Publisher: A. L. Lester
Run time: 5 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 06/09/2020