Foes to Grace: Satan in the Court of Heaven, His Servants in the Corridors of Earth

Foes to Grace: Satan in the Court of Heaven, His Servants in the Corridors of Earth

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A Courtroom Drama Played Out in Heaven

(Author's Narration)

"We are not unaware of the devil's schemes," wrote the apostle Paul. What are they? Masquerading as an angel of righteousness, accusing the faithful, and of course being the father of lies.

Satan presents his evidence against us in the court of Heaven, summons his witnesses, and cites chapter and verse to condemn us. But we have an advocate in Heaven, our friend, our intercessor, and witness for the defence.

How will this courtroom drama play out?

With brilliant analysis and lively wit, this book takes a deep dive into Biblical truth, while drawing on great thinkers of the ages, among them Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin, Oscar Wilde, Tolkien, and even Monty Python! It also identifies Satan's servants in our earthly institutions of power and calls out their abuses of that power.

You will be entertained, enlightened, and above all, empowered by this literary and theological triumph.

"A majestic flow of words."

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

"LeRoy shares that bliss of freedom of conscience in everything we do. He is one of our treasured spiritual guides—a man who cares deeply about setting us free from the unnecessary restrictions imposed on us, as well as those that are self-imposed! Read this book and breathe freedom. Highly Recommended."

Grady Harp, San Francisco Review of Books


Author: A LeRoy
Narrator: A LeRoy
Publisher: Unparagoned
Run time: 58 minutes
Release Date: 10/20/2020