The Epics Collection: Bible-Inspired Epic Poetry in the Style of Dante, Shakespeare, and Homer

The Epics Collection: Bible-Inspired Epic Poetry in the Style of Dante, Shakespeare, and Homer

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Fights to the Death, in Shakespearean Verse!

(Author's Narration)

Hailed as "an exemplar of epic poetry" (San Francisco Review of Books), LeRoy recalls the majestic visions of Dante and Homer as he pits the divine power of prophets against the earthly power of presidents and kings.

1. Obama's Dream

About to hand over the keys of empire to one Donald J. Trump, Obama's dreams are troubled, but two great angels enter on a divine mission to save his soul, and with it, all of humanity. A journey of revelation follows, even to the throne of God!

2. Elijah

Israel. 9th-century BC. Jezebel has killed the true prophets of the Lord, and Elijah must flee her wrath.

But he is not alone. Embraced by a shapeshifting goddess, counseled by a great angel, he is empowered to call down fire from Heaven!

This 12-part epic poem relives the spectacular miracles of the great prophet as described in the Old Testament—raising the dead, commanding the rain, calling down fire from Heaven—but along with all this, the author weaves a rich thread of mythological themes.

Raunchy yet reverent, this visionary tale takes wing in the poet's pen, the poet's voice!

3. Jezebel's Lament

She's a killer of innocents, seducer of priests, and all-round nasty piece of work. At least that's what History would have you believe.

But now, three thousand years after her reign in Israel, Jezebel tells her side of the story. Not "harlot queen", she insists, but "virgin bride", not murderer but moderate, and certainly not the bad guy in her struggle with Elijah.

The result is a saucy yarn, weaving invention around Scripture's narrative.

“Absolutely wonderful and hypnotic narration, the author's voice flowing with the narrative song of his words.”

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Author: A LeRoy
Narrator: A LeRoy
Publisher: Poet Prophetic Publishing
Run time: 5 hours 41 minutes
Release Date: 08/06/2018