The Legend of Pedestrio

The Legend of Pedestrio

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Gather 'round, folks! Let me spin you a yarn concerning a stolen hat, a backcountry tracker, and a legendary nomad who wanders the Earth by day and the sky at night.

The tracker is my friend Vern. You'll like him, though he's a mite shy. Tell you true, I don't recall the last time he showed his face Town Side. He's more at home roaming Wild Side - those wild spaces out beyond where the last trail ends. Still and all, from the moment we discovered that impossible footprint in the swaddle, I reckon Vern just had to meet the man who made it. Vern knows more about swaddle bushes and slick-fingered hornswoggles than anyone I know, but he can't talk to the rocks, the birds, and the trees the way Pedestrio can.

'Course, tracking Pedestrio brought us to the attention of the Old Ones, and that's when the adventure turned perilous. The Old Ones can rain fireballs down from the sky. They can erase the world, if They want to. You think the Great Empty Desert made itself? But Vern doesn't quit, and me... well, I really wanted that hat back.

Yes indeed, Wild Side is a land full of stories - but beware the tales that unexpectedly come to life.


Author: Abner Serd
Narrator: Abner Serd
Publisher: Abner Serd
Run time: 9 hours 58 minutes
Release Date: 04/28/2022