More than a Masquerade

More than a Masquerade

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An enquiry agent seeking her first case.

After spending weeks eagerly awaiting an assignment, Rachel Gambit is instructed to meet her potential new client at a Vauxhall masquerade. She’s been given a list of instructions: to wear red, to find the mysterious gentleman amongst the crowd, with no clue to his identity. But if, by God’s good grace, she finds the man, she must go through a series of tests before he agrees to hire her.

A man on a mission.

Eli Hunter needs a woman who can act her way onto any Covent Garden stage. He needs a woman with steely determination and a cunning mind. A woman who can help him recover a stolen artefact owned by a secret society. But he encounters a problem. The only enquiry agent available stirs a passion that could soften the hardest heart—a terrifying prospect for a man who’s survived the worst kind of betrayal.

Can Rachel and Eli work together and suppress their obvious attraction?

When thrown in the midsts of danger, will they find something infinitely more precious than a stolen artefact?


Author: Adele Clee
Narrator: Stevie Zimmerman
Publisher: Adele Clee
Run time: 7 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 02/10/2022