The Scandalous Lady Sandford

The Scandalous Lady Sandford

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When a lady discovers stars shine even in the blackest sky.

Ruined by a lord purely as a means to exact revenge on her brother, Lady Lillian Sandford has given up all hope of ever finding love. The two years spent abroad did nothing to quell the gossips. And with her brother’s notorious reputation, it’s hard to hide in the shadows. Vane is viciously protective and threatens any man who so much as glances her way.

Only one man has the nerve to defy him. The one they call The Raven.

After inheriting an estate on the verge of bankruptcy, Fabian Darcy, Baron Ravenscroft, made his fortune sailing the high seas. Haunted by the death of his sister, he lives far away from the society he detests, in a castle on an island off the Devonshire coast. But when he receives information that his sister may not have perished in the shipwreck, the search is on to find his missing sibling. Where better to start his investigation than with the scoundrel who ruined her life? But Vane’s refusal to respond to his missive forces Fabian to take drastic action.

Kidnapping Lillian Sandford serves Fabian’s goal on numerous counts. Vane will have no choice but to offer his help. Marrying the chit will prove a fitting retribution. What lady wants to live on a desolate island with a crew of seafaring men? What lady wants a loveless marriage to a rogue?


Author: Adele Clee
Narrator: Liisa Ivary
Publisher: Adele Clee
Run time: 7 hours 11 minutes
Release Date: 01/26/2022