Fae Wolf

Fae Wolf

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Torn between her home and her fated mate.

Changeling werewolf Skye stumbles across her fated mate at the worst possible moment. The Queen of the Unseelie Court has demanded that she snatch a magical sword able to open up the borders between earth and Faery. Price of failure? Skye's adopted family will be peeled like grapes.

Unfortunately, the sword is in the possession of a dangerously delicious shifter whose job is keeping fae in Faery. Ryder's oddball jokes match Skye's own, and if lore is to be believed, that makes him her one and only chance at love.

Save the world and find true belonging or save her mother's skin...literally? Skye always knew the universe had a sense of humor, but this time she doesn't get the joke.

The Samhain Shifter series can be read in any order, with adventure, mystery, and a happily ever after in every book. Fae Wolf is book three.


Author: Aimee Easterling
Narrator: Austenne Grey
Publisher: Wetknee Books
Run time: 7 hours 42 minutes
Release Date: 08/27/2021