Rogue Moon

Rogue Moon

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I'm Kira Fairwood, rogue kitsune and couch-surfer extraordinaire. Three months after disowning my pack, I'm still trying to find a way home.

Then a way home finds me. All I have to do is follow the advice of a murderer, trespass on an enemy alpha's territory, and nab a stranger who shares my fox heritage.

Thom thinks it's a terrible idea, but he puts his not-quite-pack on the line to help anyway. Now, if I fail, I'll drag my new werewolf friends down with me.

What could possibly go wrong?

Rogue Moon is the second book in a "fast-paced" and "intriguing" romantic fantasy series that begins with Full Moon Saloon.


Author: Aimee Easterling
Narrator: Yu-Li Alice Shen
Publisher: Wetknee Books
Run time: 5 hours 33 minutes
Release Date: 07/20/2022