Annabel Maribel: Entering Brooksworth Academy

Annabel Maribel: Entering Brooksworth Academy

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A girl with telekinetic ability is hunting down the culprits behind her identical twin sister’s death, and she needs help from three boys.

My name is Maribel St. James, and in the new term, I’m going to be attending Brooksworth Academy, a prep school for rich kids, and I’m going to be my sister, the new Annabel St. James.

Here at this cutthroat, perfect school where the system is like none other, I not only encounter Ao, Jayce, and Nolan—three boys from different backgrounds who have connections with Annabel—but a mysterious group whose sole purpose is to bring misery and death to their targets. One of those targets was Annabel, and now me, because in their eyes, I am her, and they will stop at nothing to have me dead.

But I’m not about to be scared off that easily. After all, as I’ve just discovered myself, I’m not a normal girl. I’m an esper with telekinetic ability, and when I get pissed, shit hits the fan.

So, a warning to the perpetrators: watch out, because you won’t see me coming.

Annabel Maribel is an academy paranormal fantasy series with mystery and a slow burn reverse harem romance.

Please note: This book contains triggering elements, such as bullying, violence, and suicide, that some readers may find distressing.


Author: Alexia Chan
Narrator: Jessica Duncan
Publisher: Alexia X. Media
Run time: 6 hours 11 minutes
Release Date: 04/11/2020