Blackstone Bad Dragon: Blackstone Mountain Book 2

Blackstone Bad Dragon: Blackstone Mountain Book 2

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Jason Lennox didn't want a mate. He didn't need a mate. He was happy with his life, doing what he wanted and who he wanted. But, when he meets the frosty Christina Stavros, his dragon instantly recognizes her as his. Their first meeting was a disaster and he's been trying his hardest to forget about her.

Christina Stavros was back in Blackstone for her sister's wedding, and only for that reason. She certainly wasn't looking forward to seeing Jason Lennox again. But, she just can't seem to put the sexy dragon shifter out of her mind.

When a mysterious organization tries to sabotage the Blackstone Mines and Christina is put in harm's way, Jason must put aside his personal feelings about mates to protect her. But, Christina is hiding a secret of her own and she may be more involved that she's led on.


Author: Alicia Montgomery
Narrator: Sophie Daniels
Publisher: Mer City Books
Run time: 4 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 10/14/2020