Leadership for the New Millennium

Leadership for the New Millennium

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Are you ready to step into a more soulful way of living and leading?

At the dawn of the New Millennium, humanity is being invited to create a more just, humane, and soulful existence for all people.

Without a new type of leadership, this opportunity could easily be missed and the experience of many made more challenging, suffering more widespread.

After over 25 years of exploring and guiding leadership impact, Alison Cameron reveals the inner workings of truly transformational leaders.

This book takes you on a journey to develop and embody extraordinary leadership qualities and attributes — evolving yourself and supporting the evolution of your wider world.

In this book, you have the opportunity to:

  • Examine the leadership myths that have brought humanity to our current crossroads and open to broader understandings
  • Deconstruct conditioning and limiting beliefs to live more powerfully from your unique essence
  • Develop your extraordinary potential for personal and systemic transformation
  • Build greater courage and ability to challenge the status quo
  • Experience the aliveness that comes from embracing greater awareness and responsibility


Author: Alison Cameron
Narrator: Alison Cameron
Publisher: Living Essence Publications
Run time: 7 hours 28 minutes
Release Date: 05/12/2022