Credo's Hope

Credo's Hope

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Introducing Detective Alexandra Wolfe, a fresh, funny, tough cop who skates on the edge of the law in her quest for justice. A Mafia boss, a hunky bi-sexual nurse, and her exuberant best friend, MEGAN, help turn Alex's everyday life as a detective upside down.

It’s been six years since a jury convicted Jacob McClelland of murdering his brother.

When Megan bullies Alex into reviewing the case, Alex discovers that her captain, the chief investigator, overlooked evidence that might have proved the brother’s innocence. Against the Captain’s orders and Alex’s better judgment, she unofficially re-opens the case and finds herself following a twisted investigative trail left by the murdered man, himself.

Detective Alexandra Wolfe - a little unconventional and out of control, always gets the bad guys in the end. If you're looking for a puzzle of a mystery with a lovable main character and a great supporting cast, then this is the mystery book for you.


Author: Alison Naomi Holt
Narrator: Christa Lewis
Publisher: Denabi Publishing
Run time: 9 hours 56 minutes
Release Date: 10/04/2020