Hot Minutes, At the Club

Hot Minutes, At the Club

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Moody lighting, intimate corners and pulsing magnetic energy is what makes a club the place to be for a hot night. Your invited to four different club experiences where secrets are kept and nothing is off limits. Have a hot minute? Drop in on these sexy shorts from Alyssa Turner, Kate Briggs, Gwen Dylan and Stacey Wallace.

The Sparrow – Alex knows the best thing for Marielle just might be a night at his BDSM club and the firm grip of his fist wrapped around that ever-present ponytail. It’s time he introduces her to the life he’s imagined for both of them. This standalone story by Alyssa Turner is set in Paris and features characters from her Unmatched Series.

Three, Becoming a Third – Drew has a fantasy, and his wife Abby knows how amazing it would be to help him fulfill it. She figures a swingers club is the best place to start for her bi-curious husband. When Z sees them floundering, it’s his mission to help. By Kate Briggs.

Under the Covers – Dane is leaving town, but not without one last shot at joining Madame West’s harem. What if he simply crashed the party? It’s anyone’s guess if he’ll leave empty handed or get the chance he's been waiting for. By Gwen Dylan.

The First Time – Casey and Bobby have been set up so many ways they can’t even count. She didn’t think Bobby was her type, but he has a few moves she didn’t see coming. His sexy friend Kellan has some useful intel on the matter, straight from his private room. First impressions can be deceiving. By Stacey Wallace.

Note: The stories told in this anthology are all unapologetic explorations of desire with the kind of colorful storytelling that brings characters to life. At the club, finding a happily ever after ending is not always the motivation for going. The same goes for this anthology, it contains romantic elements. Have fun meeting these characters and visiting each club along with them, and remember... what happens at the club, stays at the club.


Author: Alyssa Turner, Stacey Wallace, Gwen Dylan, Kate Briggs
Narrator: B.J. Hunter, Bea Kay, Bo Devery, Cecily Foster, Jaxon Stark, Rachel Music, Stephen Ridgewood
Publisher: CTR Audio
Run time: 2 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 10/21/2021