Dancing with a Ghost

Dancing with a Ghost

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Some secrets won't stay buried...

Shy and sensitive art student Katie Mills is trying to escape the ghost who haunts her after dark. She travels to New Mexico to study with a master painter and rejuvenate under the big, blue southwestern sky.

But the ghost who followed Katie to the desert isn't content with sampling the spicy cuisine and painting the local landscape. This restless spirit is only interested in justice.

Katie is finally breaking out of her quiet shell and learning how to paint with abandon when one of the other guests turns up dead. In the wake of the tragedy, Katie surprises herself by finding comfort in a fellow artist's arms. But as new evidence surfaces and suspicion broadens, Katie doesn't know who to trust.

And now, the vengeful ghost she brought with her is demanding to be heard.

Time is running out. Katie must find the courage to speak up and solve the ranch's deadly mystery before a killer takes another life.

Dancing with a Ghost is a riveting, cozy ghost mystery that will have you glued to your device and gasping at the twist ending!


Author: Angela Pepper
Narrator: Marie Hoffman
Publisher: Angela Pepper
Run time: 6 hours 57 minutes
Release Date: 05/28/2018