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"I was the weak link in the chain, and the best I could do was surround myself with forces of the good. It would increase my chances of survival. But I couldn't replace Adam; not the way Ben meant. My heart was full of Adam's memory. There was little space to fit anyone else in."

After Adam’s death, Claire has to readjust to life. School, her job at the library and then there is still an angry demon out there seeking revenge for her escape... When she thinks it can’t get any worse, unexpected help steps in and she finds herself yet in another dilemma. Can she open her heart for someone new?


Praise for Black:

„She’s done it again! Angelina J. Steffort has written a must-read sequel to „White“, and once again, she takes her readers on a dark, twisted and utterly romantic journey. 

It’s a brilliant, engaging and utterly heartbreaking addition to the supernatural romance genre, brimming with Steffort’s signature dark touch.

Read this book - and re-descover why you fell in love with Claire Gabriel’s epic journey in the first place.“ (Toni Weiss, Creative Partner & director @ Little Lights Studio)


Author: Angelina J. Steffort
Narrator: Heather Costa, Travis Baldree
Publisher: Angelina J. Steffort
Run time: 12 hours 18 minutes
Release Date: 08/31/2021