Spark: Adam's Story

Spark: Adam's Story

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"It came out of nowhere. A sweep of emotions. Love, pain, trust, doubt. It was all in a pattern, hard to describe, but somehow like when you finally understand someone who you’ve been trying to figure out for a long, long time. Everything clicked into place. There was beauty, purity, bravery, the ability to suffer, sacrifice. It was all there, enveloping me with perfection."

When head-driven Med student Adam has an emotional vision of Claire, he doesn’t yet understand the dimensions by which his life is about to change. 

His new ability to sense people’s feelings is only the beginning of the roller coaster of supernatural he is thrown onto as he sets out to find Claire. There is an unknown heritage slumbering within him, waiting to be unleashed.

And his love for her puts them both in danger.

If only he had the strength to let her go...

After the success of the original Wings Trilogy, Spark is the first part of the bestselling young adult paranormal romance series, written from Adam’s perspective.


Claire: White , Black, Gray 

Adam: Spark, Fire, Ashes


Adam: Spark, Fire, Ashes 

Claire: White, Black, Gray 

Crash: Jaden's Prequel can be enjoyed at any point throughout the series.


Author: Angelina J. Steffort
Narrator: Tim Paige, Austenne Grey
Publisher: Angelina J. Steffort
Run time: 10 hours 13 minutes
Release Date: 10/09/2021