One Hot Escape

One Hot Escape

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I'm burned out on love, work, and life. So when my sister suggests I spend two weeks at a Caribbean resort, I jump at the chance. My first day there, I meet him -- a sexy, mysterious Brit who won't tell me his real name but who promises me one night of incredible pleasure. And whew, does he deliver.

So maybe I do a little snooping. Maybe I even steal his wallet to find out his name. What? He won't tell me, and my scientist brain needs to know. But who is Richard Hunter?

When morning comes, he's gone. Except…he comes back.

For me. For more. For two weeks, we escape from our lives and our everyday problems. Then we're supposed to say goodbye, but it's getting harder and harder to walk away. And when my sister tells me Richard is her husband's friend and a multimillionaire… things get really interesting.

One Hot Escape is the fourth book in the Hot Brits series of romantic comedies from Anna Durand, author of the bestselling Hot Scot series. 


Author: Anna Durand
Narrator: Shane East, Vanessa Edwin
Publisher: Jacobsville Books
Run time: 5 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 10/28/2020