A Pocket Full of God: Transform the Nature of Your Life

A Pocket Full of God: Transform the Nature of Your Life

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Do you sense the existence of a deeper reality you have yet to find?


Are you searching for spiritual growth, joy, liberation, and bliss and the answers to life's ultimate questions?


Would you like to have a greater awareness and freedom from fear and pain?


Well, you haven't discovered this book by chance, and it will resonate inside you because:

  • A Pocket Full of God is an ally and guide for self-transformation … to accompany your journey towards liberation and bliss through stillness, silence, and inner peace.
  • As a seeker of your own truth, these passages of Divine knowledge and wisdom will calm the body, bring clarity to the mind, and joy for the heart and soul. 
  • In doing so, they aim to help you live and cope with your thoughts and emotions … and provide you with a greater understanding of life beyond the boundary of the senses. 

Remember, what you read from any book or hear from a guide, sage or guru are just guidelines and advice, and they may not be something you fully agree with or convinced by.


However, the world around you can only reflect what the 'I'—your true 'self'—makes of it. So, do you choose to imagine further pain, fear, hate and a desire for self-preservation (which resides outside of you) or will you rise above self-doubt and ego to exude kindness, peace and joy through the expansion from within?


Whatever you decide, please understand that there is nothing wrong with how you wish to live … but why remain limited? If you can just try to relate and experiment with the process of turning inward, you will become more conscious of reality every day. With a new awareness of everything you currently cling to, one's own perception and experiences of the depths and dimensions of the boundless will ultimately lead to the vitality of the body, a joyful mind, and a loving heart, which will then enable you to live a full and blissful life … and who doesn't want that?


Pre-order A Pocket Full of God now to 'Transform the Nature of Your Life'.



Author: David Knight, AscensionForYou
Narrator: R.A. Dalkey
Publisher: DPK Publishing-AscensionForYou
Run time: 3 hours 28 minutes
Release Date: 08/08/2020