Redeemed Earth, The: Healing The Curse of the Fall

Redeemed Earth, The: Healing The Curse of the Fall

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The curse came through a government called, "the knowledge of good and evil". Man's knowledge of good and evil resulted in a curse upon the very ground of the earth. In this book we will look at seven things that happened in the fall of man. There were seven curses that came into the earth as a result of Adam's fall. Those curses affect our everyday lives. We even take some of those curses as being normal, everyday life. Jesus Christ came to the world as the Son of Man to break the power of those curses in the earth for all of mankind. He came to restore men to a relationship with God as their Father.? The earth itself was made subject to futility in the hope of the manifestation of God's sons in the earth.? It is the curse that holds the earth to the bondage of futility in the hope of the manifestation of God's sons.? Christianity has to do with coming to the place where the curse of the fall of man is broken. It is about bringing God's life to our lives and changing the world in which we live.? God wants to break every curse in the earth. ?God's light is greater than the darkness of the world. God's life is greater than the power of death.? Jesus came to bring us into a new government. It is not a government of the knowledge of good and evil, but a government of love and life. It is a government of grace and peace and it is found in Christ.? God doesn't desire to change the world though revelation knowledge. He desires to change the world through a revealing intimacy with God as our Father through the Tree of Life in Christ.? God wants to change the earth. It takes a different government to change a world suffering the ill effects of a death producing one? God wants us to come into the administration that is suitable for the fullness of times. It's an administration of grace!


Author: Ted J. Hanson
Narrator: Ted J. Hanson
Publisher: House of Bread Publishing
Run time: 4 hours 21 minutes
Release Date: 06/07/2022