The Village Feasts: Stories of Food and Laughter

The Village Feasts: Stories of Food and Laughter

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Ten Tasty Passover Tales (narrated by an Audie-award finalist)

“Charming…Readers young and old will be delighted…” – Publishers Weekly

“wryly funny” – Kirkus Reviews

“Ten sweet, silly stories of life… in the little Eastern European village… Binder brings a twinkle that makes the stories shine even brighter.” – The Providence Journal (audiobook review)

The Village Feasts is a book that you and your family will listen to again and again. Rich with misadventures and ingenious solutions, the stories dance with a traditional feel around contemporary issues…

"Readers young and old will be delighted to meet Doodle the Orphan and learn about his penchant for cabbage, see Rabbi Kibbitz struggle to turn down delicious pastries, and witness the epic power of Mrs. Chaipul’s matzah balls when the town is threatened by a flood, among many other comic adventures." The Providence Journal

“The Village is snuggled in an indeterminate past that never was but certainly should have been, a past filled with love, humor, adventures and more than occasional misadventures. And when you go, be sure to bring the kids.”  –The Times of Israel 

“The eight days of Passover mark the transition between dark icy cold and warm sunshine,” Izzy explains. “The streets turn to mud, the weather is inconsistent, and for a whole week you’re not allowed to eat bread, only matzah. This is never easy, and so the villagers do their best to laugh and smile and complain, while they gather together to celebrate.”

As always, you don’t need to be Jewish to enjoy The Village Life.

This book is a stand-alone part of THE VILLAGE LIFE series by Izzy Abrahmson (National Jewish Book Award For Family Literature nominee). The audiobook is narrated by Audie-award nominated storyteller Mark Binder.


Author: Izzy Abrahmson
Narrator: Mark Binder
Publisher: Light Publications
Run time: 1 hours 53 minutes
Release Date: 01/07/2022