Simon Fayter and the Doors of Bone

Simon Fayter and the Doors of Bone

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Three friends. Two ancient mysteries. One magical porta-potty.

Complete with 157 footnotes and a button that makes sheep fall from the sky, Simon Fayter and the Doors of Bone is the rip-roaring tale of an endearingly overconfident and hilarious boy genius. Simon has no idea that the quirky old tutor his mom works for is hiding an ancient secret, but the truth comes out when dark forces attack. Simon inherits a dusty coat, a slew of strange powers, and an age-old mystery. Namely, that the strange "lucky streak" he was born with is actually something much more complicated. And more dangerous...

Austin J. Bailey has entertained over 500,000 readers with his bestselling Magemother series, and his latest work is better than ever. Doors of Bone is the first in a series of five middle-grade fantasy novels for kids of all ages.


Author: Austin J. Bailey
Narrator: Austin J. Bailey
Publisher: AB Publishing, LLC
Run time: 6 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 05/24/2021