Dark Tales from the Shadows #1: Fungus of Fear

Dark Tales from the Shadows #1: Fungus of Fear

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The Armillaria Bulbosa is an underground fungus that lives beneath the surface of the earth in a huge forest near Crystal Falls, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

     It was born over two thousand years ago. And with each passing year, it grew.

     Time passed, and the Armillaria continued to develop, to expand underground. Feeding…and growing.

     It still lives today, after centuries. It lies beneath the ground, an unseen, unbelievable monstrosity: thirty-eight acres wide, four hundred tons heavy. It is one of the largest and oldest living things on Earth. And while the Armillaria Bulbosa is found in various places of the world, this particular growth and unique location is the focus of this story. The Armillaria Bulbosa, in the western portion of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is enormous. It is hidden. It is…a beast. And yet, very few people even know that it’s there.

     But it has been growing…and growing...and waiting.

And for Josh Reese and his friend, Katie, the horror is far greater than they could have possibly imagined.


Author: Michal Jacot
Narrator: Johnathan Rand
Publisher: AudioCraft Publishing, Inc.
Run time: 2 hours 24 minutes
Release Date: 09/17/2022