Meditative Writing: Lessons in Practice, Persistence, & Perspective

Meditative Writing: Lessons in Practice, Persistence, & Perspective

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Anxiety. Stress. Depression. Anger. Confusion. Fear. Sadness. Addictions and addictive behaviors. Worry. Nervousness. We all experience these conditions in varying degrees from time time. Despite the great strides made in understanding human cognitive behavior and mental complications, millions of people continue to suffer these conditions chronically—often in silence—living within a seemingly inescapable prison of debilitating self-doubt, confusion, and inner turmoil.

In Meditative Writing: Lessons in Practice, Persistence, & Perspective, Christopher Tod Wright suggests that these conditions shouldn't be considered 'problems,' but rather, symptoms of issues from areas deep within the psyche; areas that can be reached, explored, organized, and managed through the very simple (but not easy!) practice of meditation. Furthermore, these very conditions can be addressed, alleviated, and even eliminated through the conscious, focused undertaking of expressive writing, by giving these organized thoughts a safe place to engage and play, free and uninhibited, and, in the process, unlocking the endless wellspring of boundless creativity, imagination, and tranquility that dwell within us all.

In addition to semi-autobiographical stories, anecdotes, and examples, several guided meditations are also included in this casual, conversational-type presentation. No prior meditation or writing experience is necessary. (Stereo headphones are strongly recommended for the guided meditation chapters, but not required.)

About the Author: Under his pseudonyms of Johnathan Rand and Christopher Knight, Christopher Tod Wright is the author of over 120 books for children and adults, with nearly 7 million copies in print. Meditative Writing: Lessons in Practice, Persistence, & Perspective is his first nonfiction audiobook. Find out more at


Author: Christopher Tod Wright
Narrator: Christopher Tod Wright
Publisher: AudioCraft Publishing, Inc.
Run time: 12 hours 37 minutes
Release Date: 11/24/2021