The Mountain Man's Badge

The Mountain Man's Badge

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Lehigh Carter never wanted to be sheriff. And he sure never wanted to arrest his new father-in-law for murder.

Mountain Man Lehigh Carter, drafted into serving as acting sheriff of Mt. Hood County after exposing his predecessor's corruption, is compelled to arrest his new father-in-law for the murder of Everett Downey, the most despised man in town.

Still learning on the job, Lehigh continues to investigate loose ends that don't add up, but ambitious prosecutor Ray "The Reverend" Ferguson seems intent on blocking him at every turn.

Soon, Lehigh suspects that those most intent on pinning the murder on George McBride have reasons far more sinister than blocking Lehigh’s agenda of reform.

Can Lehigh uncover the truth behind the crime without becoming the killer’s next victim?


Author: Gary Corbin
Narrator: Gary Corbin
Publisher: Double Diamond Publishing
Run time: 10 hours 43 minutes
Release Date: 05/31/2020