The Remnant

The Remnant

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Now that Olivia and David have discovered that their life in the city was a lie, their pursuit of the truth gives them a newfound purpose. Is there more to their Rare abilities than what they’ve discovered so far? Is there something about them that the government is trying to keep hidden?

Taken captive and tortured by her oppressors, Olivia narrowly escapes with help from an unexpected source. She rejoins what’s left of her new friends, only to find their home destroyed and coalition forces closing in to finish them off.

Running for their lives, they set out on a desperate quest to find the Haven, a mysterious city that is rumored to be harboring and protecting Rares. This journey will take them deep into the wilderness and bring them to the edges of another coalition stronghold before they find their way.

But the danger in front of them is rivaled only by the danger closing in behind them, and Olivia’s new abilities will be put to the test. As they discover more secrets, the ones they bring with them may be the most important of all.

This title has been rated 17+ appropriate for older teens and adults, and contains:

  • moderate language
  • intense violence
  • brief intense implied sexual violence
  • negative mild illicit drug use
  • discussions of mental illness and suicide and sexual abuse
  • governmental conspiracy

For more information on our rating system, please, visit our Content Guide.


Author: Diane Anthony
Narrator: Renae Gigon
Publisher: Authors 4 Authors Publishing
Run time: 6 hours 57 minutes
Release Date: 10/31/2020