The Wind from Faerie

The Wind from Faerie

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Kellan can only dream of a life without servitude, a life beyond the woods. And magic? That's just a legend. But after he discovers a book of magic in his master's library and begins to summon the power of wind, it becomes his obsession. When the emperor offers to test serfs for magical ability, it's everything Kellan could ask for: a chance for an education, a chance to see the world, a chance for freedom.

At the Lyceum, he finds not only that, but friends, enemies, and more danger than he bargained for. There, it doesn't take long for tales to form about Kellan the Fey. Can he become worthy of such renown? First, he must contend with the Wind from Faerie…

Authors 4 Authors Content Rating

This title has been rated 17+ appropriate for older teens and adults and contains:

  • frequent intense violence
  • frequent alcohol use
  • strong language
  • brief kissing

For more information on our rating system, please, visit the Authors 4 Authors Publishing website.


Author: William Justus
Narrator: Tucker Dally Johnston
Publisher: Authors 4 Authors Publishing Cooperative
Run time: 10 hours 39 minutes
Release Date: 03/07/2020