Thief in the Castle

Thief in the Castle

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The notorious Juniper Thimble is destined for execution. Caught stealing the king’s crown—in addition to her long list of crimes—she has only one way out. Juniper must survive the biggest, most deadly con of her life, commissioned by the king himself. Disguised as the crown prince’s lover, she is forced to protect him with her life…literally. Guarded by a surly squire, relentlessly attacked by demons, and surrounded by mysteriously disappearing servants, Juniper must dispatch the threat to the prince’s life before they find out who she really is.

Authors 4 Authors Content Rating

This title has been rated 17+, appropriate for older teens and adults, and contains:

  • Intense implied sex
  • Intense violence
  • Moderate language
  • Mild alcohol use
  • Child slavery

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Author: B. B. Morgan
Narrator: Renae Gigon
Publisher: Authors 4 Authors Publishing
Run time: 10 hours 52 minutes
Release Date: 01/05/2021