Black Child to Black Woman: An African-American Woman Coming-of-Age Story

Black Child to Black Woman: An African-American Woman Coming-of-Age Story

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"If you are looking for a true, gritty story about life in it's rawest form, then Black Child to Black Woman... will fit the bill." —Readers Favorite

When twenty-four-year old Tara Walker goes home for her brother's funeral, she discovers the secret journal she started when she was eight. As she reads, she is pulled back into her complicated, raw, and often frightening childhood, where drug addiction, alcoholism and predators brought chaos into her privileged, middle-class home.

Through the love and guidance of her hard-working parents, Tara navigates these threats and matures into a smart, strong, young woman. Yet, even as she celebrates small personal victories, she spirals into a dark depression from disturbing family secrets and rejection. Through it all, she journals her changing perspective on the world around her and continues to smile in the face of adversity.

When it's time for Tara to become a mother herself, she must once again conquer her traumatic past to discover the true meaning of life, happiness, family, and unconditional love. Tara's gripping, raw and illuminating coming-of-age journey will captivate readers as they watch this intelligent black child grow into an extraordinary black woman.


Author: Cheryl Denise Bannerman
Narrator: Tanya Hauth
Publisher: Cheryl Denise Bannerman
Run time: 4 hours 5 minutes
Release Date: 10/06/2019