Only One

Only One

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(Romantic Thriller) In her darkest hour, only one can save her.

Nefarious businessmen have determined that they want what isn’t theirs, and they will resort to whatever measures are needed to obtain it. Lara Esterhaus is unyielding in her stance not to let them take what belongs to her, but when her family members start dropping like flies, can Lara do the impossible before she loses everything – including her life?

Philip and Andrew Bensley know what it’s like to lose everything and will do whatever is necessary to regain what they lost – including marrying for money. When their paths cross with Lara’s, the body count rises along with everyone’s determination to win.


Author: Barbara Woster
Narrator: Markus Harrietha
Publisher: Barbara Woster
Run time: 6 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 08/24/2020