Save Me: Love in the Pacific Northwest Book 1

Save Me: Love in the Pacific Northwest Book 1

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Danger brought them together. Safety tore them apart. Can one act of recklessness reunite them forever?

Jamie: Against protocol and my best intentions, I fell in love with the key witness I was assigned to protect. I know. Rookie move. I tried not to let it happen, but Ash is so smart, and sexy, and though his snark is biting, I know it’s only meant to protect himself. But in the end, none of that mattered because I still had to let him go. I’m just glad he never knew how I felt. That would have made things infinitely worse. Not that things are much better now, because a year later, with no hope of ever seeing him again, I still can’t forget him. 

Ash: Being in love with the officer assigned to protect you sounds like the start of a fairy tale romance. Trust me, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when they don’t return your feelings. There is nothing more humiliating than mooning after an unattainable man. Which is why I never let him know. 

With the end of the trial, I entered the WITSEC program with a new identity and a new life far away from the sexy deputy marshal who still holds my heart. I’ve tried to move on but it’s useless. Jamie MacDougall is too hard to forget.

When my past pulls me back to Seattle, and the group I was hiding from finds out, I’m once again running for my life, and there’s only one person I can trust. 


Author: Beck Grey
Narrator: Jon Curtis
Publisher: Pine & Moon LLC
Run time: 6 hours 18 minutes
Release Date: 10/14/2021