Napoleon Hill's Your Millionaire Mindset: A Practical Guide To Increase Your Personal Wealth

Napoleon Hill's Your Millionaire Mindset: A Practical Guide To Increase Your Personal Wealth

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You can build wealth and achieve financial security―but first, you have to learn to think like a millionaire.

Millionaires are not made by happenstance; amassing riches requires rigorous planning and decisive action. But the money principles used by the financial elite are not beyond the grasp of the average individual―anyone truly can think and grow rich! This book teaches you both the mindset changes and the money habits required to achieve financial security.

Don Green, executive director and CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, leverages his extensive experience in personal investment and the banking industry to share the secrets as to why some individuals succeed financially and others remain in debt, live paycheck to paycheck, or fail to build enough wealth to live comfortably in retirement. The stories he relates illustrate the exact methods individuals have used to build their fortunes by spending wisely, saving consistently, investing intelligently, boosting their income, and serving others. Green draws on Napoleon Hill’s timeless success principles to present a simple formula for wealth-building―from transforming your mindset for success to understanding and utilizing the different savings and investment vehicles. Each chapter includes simple action steps to take to create your millionaire master plan.

This is the financial primer you need to take control of your money and make it serve your definite major purpose in life. When you learn to live by the principles in this book, you can join the ranks of individuals who build a lasting legacy of wealth and generosity.


Author: Don Green
Narrator: Rich Germaine
Publisher: Audiobook Producers
Run time: 3 hours 52 minutes
Release Date: 12/15/2021