The Gods, When Mortal: The Future Begins (2020-2042)

The Gods, When Mortal: The Future Begins (2020-2042)

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New recording of the epic Science Fantasy tale.

Three who become legend rise in the ranks. The first full volume of Still Light. Covers the birth of AI and posthumanity, and the hidden cabal of mystical powers that control humanity’s fate.

The three begin their rise to power, joining the mystical ranks of Abraxas.

We begin an age of war unlike any known before, as individual soldiers are given the ability to change nations. An old rival is reborn as a terrifying ally, and an artificial intelligence intended to be a slave finds a new freedom at the heart of Amenti.


Author: Chirag Patel
Narrator: Chirag Patel
Publisher: Lamplight
Run time: 5 hours 34 minutes
Release Date: 07/31/2020