The Catching Kind

The Catching Kind

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A bet gone wrong. A guy I can't stand. A betraying betrayal by my agent. And that's before the paparazzi get involved...

A fake boyfriend enemies-to-lovers romance from RITA finalist Bria Quinlan.

My lit agent has thrown me under the bus. For some reason, she thought using me as her stakes for a bet was a good idea... and she lost. Now I have to play girl-next-door to the flipping bad boy of baseball to clean up his image problems.

And man, does he have problems.

Of course, Mr. I Only Date Models stated there's no way he'd be seen in public with me. 

The feeling is abso-tootly mutual. 

Now against everything I could possibly want, he and his image issues have taken over my life and moved into my apartment. 

On the couch, people. He's on the couch.

But the longer he's here, the more I see something endearing about him. Something I might actually like. Maybe there's more to him than that playboy image he shows the world. 

It's a risk, but am I willing to bet on us?


Author: Bria Quinlan
Narrator: Brittany Goodwin
Publisher: Pink Ink Press
Run time: 6 hours 36 minutes
Release Date: 06/24/2020