Elf Mastery

Elf Mastery

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Air spirits carry the wind, nymphs and dryads supervise the trees and animals, and great stone creatures turn the world on its axis. The World of Order, our world, operates by the hard work and dedication of fairies and other mythical creatures working behind the scenes. Among them, a young elf woman named Kyla Nim leaves home for Equinox to seek her own role. This proves more challenging than expected, and she struggles to find her strengths until she falls into the wrong end of a plot by Erebus, the god of darkness, to rid the world of light.

Kyla must abandon her child-like ways to confront her unexpected enemy. Luckily, she has friends in Eunoe (YOON-way), an alseid who designs and creates animals by knitting DNA, her friend Aspen, a kind dryad who sings to plants to help them bloom and bear fruit, and Aura, the daughter of Duke Ukko, Lord of Storms, who can create and carry breezes. With their help, Kyla struggles through her inexperience to face the greatest danger to threaten the earth in millennia.


Author: Bryant Reil
Narrator: Merphy Napier
Publisher: Bryant Reil
Run time: 13 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 05/15/2020