Remembering: An Epic Fantasy Adventure Series

Remembering: An Epic Fantasy Adventure Series

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A feeling he never imagined.  

A revelation he never saw coming.  

A love that transcends time and space. 

With the arrival of 11th grade, Hamilton Dinger has no shortage of activities to pursue. With his job at the mayor’s office, schoolwork, and fighting off evil, he has no time to worry about Starry Knight’s recent betrayal and his relentless fixation with her.

Even though he does anyway.

Pushing past his emotional turmoil, he works with Aleia and Elysian to uncover the truth about the Seven Deadly Sinisters and his supernatural origins. When disaster strikes once more, Hamilton and his friends realize the only way to prevent chaos from taking over Apollo City, and eventually the world, is to find the answers to the questions hidden deep inside his heart and mind.


Hamilton has some incredible growth in this one, both in maturity and in a heroic moment his WINGS develop!! That was so fun to read his excitement in that freedom as he continues to battle Sinisters!  ~ Kara, Vine Voice and Goodreads Reviewer

A very satisfying addition to the adventures of Windinger and Starry Night. I am enjoying the entire series and cannot wait to finish this one so I can read the rest. Hamilton is very dear to my heart. A great character!! ~ Terri, Emerging Author and Goodreads Reviewer


Author: C. S. Johnson
Narrator: Nicholas Santasier
Publisher: C. S. Johnson
Run time: 5 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 08/02/2017