Dorm Life

Dorm Life

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A bong won’t save you from the zombies . . .

. . . but running shoes might.

Can Kate teach stoner college kids to run and fight zombies before it’s too late?

She ran two hundred miles to find her son.

Reunited with him, Kate now finds herself holed up in a college dorm room. She’s surrounded by kids who have no interest in gathering supplies, fortifying their home, or even taking out the trash.

Resources are dwindling.

Zombies are everywhere . . .

. . . and survivors prey on the weak. 

Can Kate get the kids away from the Xbox and into the apocalypse?

Lace up your running shoes and get the next installment of Undead Ultra now!


Author: Camille Picott
Narrator: Gwendolyn Druyor
Publisher: Camille Picott
Run time: 10 hours 12 minutes
Release Date: 03/18/2020