Jacob Is Granted Two Wishes

Jacob Is Granted Two Wishes

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Jacob was a little boy who moved from the big city and to a small country town. His father Mr. Seagull, who worked at an office, had a big decision to make for his family. He decided that, for his job, he would move his family to the small country town named Savannah.  Jacob didn’t want to leave his friends behind, especially his best friend Goliath, but his father had no choice but to accept his boss’s offer and moved his family to the small country town. Once school was out for Jacob, Mr. Seagull moved his family out to the cottage for the summer months. On the last day of school, Jacob said goodbye to all his friends, before he and his family began their journey to the small town in Savannah.


Author: Cathy Russell
Narrator: Christina Roberts
Publisher: Cathy Prather Russell
Run time: 14 minutes
Release Date: 05/25/2019