Mrs. Saint Nick

Mrs. Saint Nick

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When Santa offers efficiency expert Holly Jamison a job at the North Pole, she's delighted to accept. It's not that she loves the Christmas holidays. Far from it. Everywhere she looks, from the piles of presents to the thousands of cheery elves hard at work, Holly sees ways to improve the whole operation. Even Nick Claus, Santa's charming son, fails to draw Holly into the holiday spirit. Holly has to admit that Nick's charismatic and handsome, but his fun-loving side doesn't mask his lack of a work ethic. It's only when Holly cancels Nick's pet project, and jeopardizes Christmas for thousands of children, that she realizes that the man she discounts as a total slacker might be the only one who can teach her about the joy of Christmas.


Author: Caroline Mickelson
Narrator: Carly Robins
Publisher: Caroline Mickelson
Run time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Release Date: 04/25/2014