Aether Rising: A Steampunk Thriller

Aether Rising: A Steampunk Thriller

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The only place to hide could be behind the truth.

No one can lie to Louisa Cobb. It's her gift. Her curse. Unfortunately, her stepfather forces her to use it to help him gain the upper hand in business. Comfortable in her luxurious lifestyle and high society position, she hasn't minded. Until now. 

Louisa wants nothing to do with her newest assignment, Patrick O'Connell, the Irish tinkerer and scoundrel who stole a kiss—and her heart—years ago . Problem is, if she betrays her stepfather and sets Patrick free, she'll be cut off without a penny to her name.

Patrick knows he is captured because he invented a device to stabilize and direct the mysterious Eros Element. It's also why he can't lie, especially while looking into Louisa's sky-blue eyes. If he fails to recreate the device for Cobb, his closest friends' happiness will be at risk.

Back in Boston, Patrick stalls for time while Louisa uncovers secrets of her tragic past. It forces the two of them to engage in a treacherous dance on the edge of love and danger. A tango where one wrong step could condemn them both to everlasting heartache—and unleash an unimaginably powerful force that could destroy their world.


Author: Cecilia Dominic
Narrator: Alicia Foreman
Publisher: AIBHS
Run time: 7 hours 50 minutes
Release Date: 10/26/2021