The Edge of the Woods

The Edge of the Woods

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The odds are stacked against Emma.

Fatherless and poor in a remote village where men, money and faith determine everything, her only hope for a decent life is to marry before her eighteenth birthday. Though her prospects aren’t good and her options aren’t appealing, to live as an unmarried woman is a life sentence of silence and solitude. Emma has to try to make a match.

But when a beautiful, antlered boy appears in her dreams and tempts her to join him in the forbidden woods, another path opens to her. Finally, after a life devoid of possibilities, Emma has a choice to make: to run from her future, or fight for it.


Author: Ceinwen Langley
Narrator: Laura Bannister
Publisher: Feed The Writer Press
Run time: 8 hours 15 minutes
Release Date: 12/26/2020