The Misadventures of an Amateur Naturalist

The Misadventures of an Amateur Naturalist

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Aspiring young naturalist Celeste Rossan is determined to live a life of adventure and scientific discovery. But when her father loses everything, Celeste’s hopes of ever leaving her home town are dashed… until she sees a narrow opportunity to escape to Paris and attend the 1867 Exposition Universelle.

Celeste seizes her chance, but the elements overwhelm her before she can make it five miles. In desperation, she seeks refuge in an abandoned chateau only to find herself trapped inside the den of an unknown species: a predator with an intelligence that rivals any human.  

It’s the discovery of a lifetime. Or, it will be, if Celeste can earn the beast’s trust without losing her nerve – or her heart – to her in the process. 

The Misadventures of an Amateur Naturalist is a queer historical fantasy for adventurers of all ages.

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Author: Ceinwen Langley
Narrator: Elisabeth Lagelee
Publisher: Feed the Writer Press.
Run time: 11 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 02/13/2022