Nothing but the Ghosts: Coffee and Ghosts Season 3

Nothing but the Ghosts: Coffee and Ghosts Season 3

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Reluctant necromancer Katy Lindstrom is worried about mixing business with pleasure. All she wants is a few hours alone with her more-than-a-business-partner, Malcolm Armand. 

Before they can sort through their feelings over a cup of Kona blend, another necromancer lands on Katy’s doorstep.

Malcolm’s father. 

He brings with him tales of old betrayals and fresh lies. But a bigger danger lurks in Springside—a powerful ghost sent to destroy Malcolm’s brother. 

This is just the start. 

After Katy uncovers long-held family secrets, she finds herself entangled in past and present—and on a mission to find the truth. To unravel the mystery that links her family with Malcolm’s, she’ll need to bargain with a powerful entity and face retribution from the necromancer community.

Where Katy must go, Malcolm can’t follow. This time around, she’ll need to make the ultimate sacrifice. This time, to save Malcolm, Springside, and everything she loves, Katy will need to give them up forever. 

This series bundle contains all three episodes from Season Three of Coffee and Ghosts.

Episode 1: Ghosts and Consequences

Episode 2: A Few Good Ghosts

Episode 3: Nothing but the Ghosts


Author: Charity Tahmaseb
Narrator: Amy McFadden
Publisher: Collins Mark Books
Run time: 10 hours 14 minutes
Release Date: 08/17/2019