The Ghost That Got Away: Coffee and Ghosts Season 2

The Ghost That Got Away: Coffee and Ghosts Season 2

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Something old. Something new. Something deadly.

When Christmas brings both strangers and ghosts of the past to Springside, ghost-catcher and expert coffee-brewer Katy Lindstrom fears her new business, new relationship, and quiet hometown will never be the same.

She’s right.

The ghost of a jealous dead husband. A sexy siren of a spirit who has a claim on Malcolm. It will take more than some excellent Kona blend to permanently rid Springside of both the unwanted ghosts and the necromancers who brought them to town. 

But Katy harbors a secret, the sort more than one necromancer is willing to kill for, and this time, the stakes are higher than she ever imagined. 

This time, to keep Malcolm, Springside, and even the world safe, Katy must do the one thing she vowed never to do. 

And once she does, there’s no turning back.

Coffee & Ghosts is a cozy paranormal mystery/romance serial told over multiple episodes. This series bundle contains all three novella-length episodes of Season Two:

Episode 1: Ghosts of Christmas Past

Episode 2: The Ghost That Got Away

Episode 3: The Wedding Ghost


Author: Charity Tahmaseb
Narrator: Amy McFadden
Publisher: Collins Mark Books
Run time: 9 hours 27 minutes
Release Date: 07/10/2019