Detour Man

Detour Man

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PI Vinnie Briggs has a new client.

  • · Muscles from a fourth-dimension, yet a poor self-image.
  • · Timid but capable of crushing a person.
  • · Linked to bodies in the morgue.

Vinnie knows bodybuilder Gunter Hoffman developed his enormous size to keep at bay nightmares of his childhood nemesis, a menacing homeless guy with PTSD known as Detour Man. He’s afraid of people, and lonely.

A random encounter with international terrorists puts Gunter on a path of mass murder. Vinnie, with co-investigator Rita Light, must prove Gunter’s innocence using illegal methods, lying, and sex. Their actions risks innocent lives.

To win, Gunter must conquer his fear. Can he forget a regret while condemned to remember heartbreak? Vinnie and Rita must save Gunter from becoming the Detour Man.


Author: Charles Puccia
Narrator: Austin Rising
Publisher: Carduna Publications
Run time: 9 hours 53 minutes
Release Date: 04/01/2019