Salt & Pepper Man

Salt & Pepper Man

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  • Vinnie Briggs went to Sicily for love. Instead he found murder.
  • Salt & Pepper Man is an excursion into betrayal and what seems like a lost cause.

A chance meeting of a former high school best friend causes Vinnie Briggs' Sicilian vacation to fall apart even before he checks into his hotel. One friend asks for a "simple" favor, the other dies.

Vinnie knows it's a bad idea to get involved, yet he can't refuse. He's asked to link the Brooklyn mob to human trafficking in Sicilian refugee camps.

The favor brings complications. The body count grows. And on top of it all, a youthful bodybuilder seduces Vinnie's husband.

If he fails, fatal consequences will follow, and not only for him.


Author: Charles Puccia
Narrator: Austin Rising
Publisher: Carduna Publications
Run time: 10 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 12/03/2020