A Cowboy and his Mistletoe Kiss: A Johnson Brothers Novel

A Cowboy and his Mistletoe Kiss: A Johnson Brothers Novel

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He wasn't supposed to kiss her. Can Travis and Millie find a way to turn their mistletoe kiss into true love?

Travis Johnson attended the speed-dating event during Chestnut Springs's Octoberfest and got exactly two phone numbers. One woman's already told him there's no spark between them.


The other has a boyfriend.

Double ouch.

But when Travis spots Millie at his brother's wedding, he learns she broke up with that other guy.


Gathering his courage, he asks her to dance, only to have his brother point out they're swaying under the mistletoe. So Travis does the only thing he can—he kisses Millie.

Millie Hepworth plans parties for a living, and Travis is crazy-busy on the ranch with his brother off on his honeymoon. So he does the only thing he can think of to keep Millie close.

He hires her to plan a Christmas party for him and his brothers out at Chestnut Ranch.

No big deal.

He forgot about the part where he works constantly and doesn't have much to say, especially to a successful, sassy woman like Millie. Oh, and the part where his mother has always hosted the Christmas party...


This is why cowboys should never kiss under the mistletoe.


Author: Emmy Eugene
Narrator: Tom Campbell
Publisher: AEJ Creative Works
Run time: 6 hours 5 minutes
Release Date: 05/23/2022