The MacAllisters of Rivers End Boxed Set (Books 1-4): includes Silvers Bells, Tipsy, Reindeer Games and Wedding Bells

The MacAllisters of Rivers End Boxed Set (Books 1-4): includes Silvers Bells, Tipsy, Reindeer Games and Wedding Bells

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"I want to move to Rivers End. I feel like I already have friends there." Dani Collins, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Blue Spruce Lodge series

The MacAllisters of Rivers End (#1–4) Audiobook Collection

Come home to Rivers End and meet the MacAllisters and the Murphys—they just want to settle down and lead normal lives in small-town Rivers End. But romance blossoms in the unlikeliest places. And trouble has a way of finding them, every time...


Book #1 - Silver Bells (Isaac MacAllister + Jenna Murphy, Beginnings)

Big River Lodge owner Isaac MacAllister has no time for romance. He’s got enough on his plate with a spritely kindergartener to raise and a business to run. But he doesn’t bargain on the appearance of the irresistible Jenna Murphy. Jenna just wants to escape work and family for a while. In Silver Bells, will she let one sexy dad and his sweet daughter Sara derail her plans for her holiday… and her life?


Book #2 - Tipsy (Shannon MacAllister + Lucas Heyes)

Shannon MacAllister wants to ring in the new year with someone who is nothing like her ex. She gets her wish. Too bad Lucas Heyes, world-class kisser, is a family traitor who lost her trust five years ago. Lucas wants to mend fences with the MacAllisters and start afresh in Rivers End. In Tipsy, will this dark horse convince Shannon to open her heart and risk trying again?


Book #3 - Reindeer Games (Eli Murphy + Ginger Lewis)

If wandering homeless in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve isn’t rock bottom, it sure feels like it to Jenna’s estranged brother Eli Murphy. So when Ginger Lewis rescues him, he finds himself fantasizing about a future he doesn’t deserve. But the last thing Ginger needs is a mysterious bad boy with a criminal jawline. Before the Reindeer Games are over, loyalties will be tested and secrets will be spilled. 


Book #4 - Wedding Bells (Isaac MacAllister + Jenna Murphy, Happily Ever After)

In Wedding Bells, Isaac MacAllister is this close to making Jenna Murphy his, forever. Then his ex—Sara’s mother—rolls into town, bringing unfinished business with her. Sidelined by the drama, Jenna knows she should strike out on her own. But how can she, when she already sees Isaac and Sara as family?

While all the Rivers End stories can be read as standalones, you may want to read each mini-series in order to preserve any plot surprises and get the full picture of how the characters lives weave together! The following is the suggested reading order:

The MacAllisters of Rivers End

#1 - Silver Bells (Isaac + Jenna, Beginnings)

#2 - Tipsy (Shannon + Lucas)

#3 - Reindeer Games (Ginger + Eli)

#4 - Wedding Bells (Isaac + Jenna, Happily Ever After) 

The O'Donnells of Rivers End

#1 - The List (Selina + Connor)

The Martinez Family of Rivers End

#1 - Maybe (Lucie + Daniel)


Author: CJ Hunt
Narrator: Suzanne T. Fortin, Sarah Grant
Publisher: Thigh High Ink
Run time: 8 hours 50 minutes
Release Date: 11/23/2018