Merry (The Witches of Rivers End): A Rivers End Holiday Romance with A Touch of Magic (Merry+Dillon)

Merry (The Witches of Rivers End): A Rivers End Holiday Romance with A Touch of Magic (Merry+Dillon)

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"Rivers End may be a small town—but the romance is big. This series has everything for readers: humour, romance and the occasional touch of magic." ~Eileen Cook, bestselling author of With Malice 

Merry Tremayne loves Christmas in Rivers End. Festivals, food, and family make the holiday magical—which is fantastic, as long as she’s not the one making the magic. The last time she used her Gift to improve someone’s Christmas spirit, it ended in catastrophe. So when she accidentally casts a spell on a grumpy, gorgeous Grinch, she thinks she’s ruined everything. That is, until he kisses her with enough heat to melt a snowman.

For Dillon Clarke, nothing good has ever come from Christmas. But things start looking up when he meets perky, sexy Merry, who’s determined to put the tinsel on his tree and the jingle in his... bells. Together, they might just be able to conquer their fears and begin some new Christmas traditions of their own.

When a Christmas witch meets a gorgeous grinch, sparks fly... literally!

A note from author CJ Hunt

While all the Rivers End stories can be read as standalones, you may want to read each mini-series in order to preserve any plot surprises and get the full picture of how the characters lives weave together! The following is the suggested reading order:

The MacAllisters of Rivers End

#1 - Silver Bells (Isaac + Jenna, Beginnings)

#2 - Tipsy (Shannon + Lucas)

#3 - Reindeer Games (Ginger + Eli)

#4 - Wedding Bells (Isaac + Jenna, Happily Ever After) 

The O'Donnells of Rivers End

#1 - The List (Selina + Connor)

The Martinez Family of Rivers End

#1 - Maybe (Lucie + Daniel)

The Witches of Rivers End *Rivers End romances with a touch of Magic!

#0 - Trick or Treat (Mona + Garrett) available for FREE only for newsletter subscribers!

#1 - Merry (Merry + Dillon)

#2 - Oona (Oona + Sam)


Author: CJ Hunt
Narrator: Erin Bateman
Publisher: Thigh High Ink
Run time: 1 hours 20 minutes
Release Date: 11/01/2018