Night Resurrected: The Heroes of New Vegas

Night Resurrected: The Heroes of New Vegas

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The final installment in the original Heroes of New Vegas series by award-winning author Colleen Gleason

His family lost forever during The Change, Wyatt is a man with nothing left to lose. But just when he thought he’d never feel anything again, Remington Truth comes into his life. Knowing the bold beauty faces unimaginable dangers on her quest to safeguard the mysterious crystal in her possession, he joins her on her journey—never expecting her to find a way past the wall he’s built.

Remy’s a woman with everything at stake. While protecting the powerful crystal that is her family’s secret legacy, she dares trust no one. Yet once she recognizes the ravished heart beneath Wyatt’s stony facade, she’s willing to risk it all. 

Together they battle the force of darkness—their very survival at stake…until Remy is forced to make a terrible decision. The result could destroy them…and the rest of the world.


Author: Colleen Gleason, Joss Ware
Narrator: Sebastian Fields, Brick Shop Audio
Publisher: Avid Press
Run time: 11 hours 47 minutes
Release Date: 01/11/2016