Cat's Cradle

Cat's Cradle

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Lani and Liev Blackburn have slid from the frying pan directly into the fires of Hell. When they uncover insinuations of a dangerous conspiracy that can be traced directly back to the foundations of society and permeates every part of life as the world knows it, they realize that to expose this evil is to shake the Earth to its core.

One by one, people begin disappearing. If not for Liev’s twisted, genius brother Milo and Lani’s talking cat Charming Marvin, the two of them would also be missing—or dead. But someone is still playing games, stalking Lani and everyone connected to her, and the cat’s cradle web they’re weaving is becoming impossible to escape. Unless they can find a way to expose this massive cover-up and who’s behind it all, they’ll become the next vanished.


Author: Dale Mayer
Narrator: Shaina Summerville
Publisher: Valley Publishing Ltd.
Run time: 4 hours 29 minutes
Release Date: 11/29/2021